Cristo Rey Jesuit High School Environmental Investigation

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After first retaining Kapur for site design services, Cristo Rey Jesuit High School later selected Kapur to also provide environmental consulting for the redevelopment of a former grocery store and associated parking lot into a school and athletic fields. The newly proposed location of the school included several leaking underground storage tank (LUST) areas, where former underground tanks were located. It also included Environmental Repair Program (ERP) activities, where contaminated soils had been identified.


To characterize the potential contaminants due to the former LUST and ERP activities, Kapur conducted subsurface soil profiling. Based on the soil sample analytical results, Kapur completed an NR 718.15 Exemption Request to manage solid waste at the same site from which it was generated. The request included a Material Management Plan (MMP) for onsite management of approximately 1,500 cubic yards of soil, rather than disposal at a landfill. The approved MMP included raising the grade of the site to reduce the impact of exiting soils, reuse of soils on site where capped under an impervious layer of material, and the removal of three areas of petroleum contaminated soils for disposal at a licensed landfill, which eliminated the need for vapor sampling and mitigation.

Services Provided

  • Subsurface soil profiling
  • Soil sample collection & preparation for laboratory analysis
  • Tabulation & analysis of analytical results
  • NR 718.15 Exemption Request
  • Soil excavation & relocation monitoring
  • Manifest generation

Industries Covered

  • Survey
  • Site design
  • Environmental


The on-site management of soil, off-site disposal of contaminated soil, and the elimination of the need for vapor sampling and mitigation significantly lowered the cost of redevelopment compared to initial estimates. When the school occupied its new building for the 2020-2021 school year, they had a building that houses more students, rooms with technology integrated into the classroom, and brand-new athletic facilities on campus.