Elkhart Lake Well Number 3

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Because of existing deficiencies, the Village of Elkhart Lake needed to increase the capacity and storage volume of its water supply system. The village turned to Kapur to develop a new well and an elevated storage tank.


Kapur prepared the design of the new well and elevated storage tank and provided construction management services during construction. The design included a 300,000-gallon elevated storage tank, a new high-capacity well that pumped 800 gallons per minute, and a well building. The project design also included site grading and associated landscaping. Kapur conducted geotechnical investigations for the foundation design of the elevated storage tank and the well building. Additionally, the site access road and parking area were designed to accommodate delivery truck traffic.

This project was funded by a bond and required regular meetings with the Village utility staff and the finance department. PlanTrax software was used to manage the budget and schedule of the project.

Services Provided

  • Topographic survey
  • WDNR coordination/permits
  • Water main design
  • Well drilling plans and specifications
  • Well house design
  • Water tower design
  • Erosion Control Plan
  • Site Plan
  • Public involvement
  • Utility coordination
  • Bidding process
  • Construction management
  • Construction staking

Industries Covered

  • Survey
  • Water Services
  • Municipal
  • Electrical


The addition of the new well and elevated storage tank improved the Village’s water distribution system by increasing available water capacity and storage.