Environmental Services for the Foxconn Development

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The Village of Mount Pleasant selected Kapur to provide environmental consulting to facilitate the demolition of residential and commercial properties acquired by the Village in preparation for the proposed Foxconn development.


Kapur performed asbestos inspections, lead surveys, hazardous materials inventories, and demolition management for more than 25 properties acquired by the village and planned for demolition as part of the development project.

Services Provided

  • Asbestos inspections
  • Lead surveys
  • Hazardous materials inventories
  • Tank Systems Site Assessments (TSSA)
  • Soil sample collection & preparation for laboratory analysis
  • Tabulation & analysis of analytical results
  • Manifest generation
  • Oversight of remedial excavation
  • Reporting

Industries Covered

  • Environmental
  • Survey


Three of the properties were identified to have one or more underground storage tanks (USTs) onsite that required proper decommissioning per state regulations. Impacted soils that required proper management were identified during the UST removals. Kapur coordinated and oversaw hot spot excavations at each of the three properties and collected soil samples for laboratory analysis. Kapur was retained to manage the properties where contaminant impacts remain and work on the village’s behalf in cooperation with the Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources to attain closure.