Former Pallet Company Environmental Site Assessment

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Kapur was selected by the lender to provide a Records Search with Risk Assessment (RSRA) for the former Wetenkamp Pallet Company property in Newton, Wisconsin, as part of the refinancing process, to avoid foreclosure on a contaminated site.

The RSRA indicated the site had an elevated environmental risk due to the previous presence of several underground storage tanks, which had already been removed from the property.


Due to the elevated environmental risk, the lender requested that Kapur conduct a Phase II Environmental Site Assessment (ESA) in the area where the tanks were removed. The initial Phase I Environmental Site Assessment results indicated additional investigation was necessary. Kapur then conducted an NR 716 Site Investigation to determine the nature and extent of the onsite soil and groundwater contamination.

Kapur also discovered asbestos contamination on the site and subsequently performed inspection services for the proposed building demolition at the property. Our staff conducted the inspection, produced plans and specifications for asbestos abatement, solicited bids from qualified asbestos abatement contractors, and provided abatement oversight.

Services Provided


Phase II Environmental Site Assessment

NR 716 Site Investigation

Soil & groundwater sample collection & preparation for laboratory analysis

Tabulation & analysis of analytical results

Survey of onsite wells & soil boring locations


Asbestos inspection

Plans & specifications for asbestos abatement

Solicited bids from qualified asbestos abatement contractors

Industries Covered




The identified risks were removed, the building was demolished, and the site was pad ready and awaiting future development.