I-94 North-South Public Involvement GIS

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The origin of this project was to create a simple mailing list for multiple transportation projects related to the Foxconn development in Southeastern Wisconsin. This data was soon leveraged to develop the Public Involvement site for the I-94 North-South Freeway expansion.


The GIS site allows users to enter, update, and delete contacts, add notes and comments, track public meetings and public hearing comments, as well as identify data as public or private to restrict access to qualified users.

Our staff has developed the functionality of the site far beyond the original scope. Now it is used in live settings to enter and track data regarding attendance at meetings, and to add contacts made during Public Involvement Meetings or other public outreach events. For the sake of efficiency, the “add contact” feature geocodes a point based on the address entered, which greatly streamlines the task of adding public and business contacts.

Services Provided

  • Survey
  • GIS
  • Public involvement
  • Public outreach
  • Exhibit creation
  • Mailing lists

Industries Covered

  • GIS
  • Transportation


The site provides editable, updateable, queryable, and exportable mailing features, as well as controllable data that is available to all users simultaneously. The architecture of the site enables our staff to easily and quickly replicate this type of turnkey solution for integration into similar projects.