Ishnala Trail Bridge

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Located in the Wisconsin Dells area of Wisconsin, Mirror Lake State Park contains deep ravines, streams, lakes, and a canopy of mature deciduous trees.

Situated within the park, on the shore of Mirror Lake, is the Ishnala Supper Club, established in the early 1950s.

Accessing the restaurant from the majority of the park was treacherous, if not impossible, so the Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources decided to connect the Echo Rock Trail and the Ishnala Trail via a footbridge over the trail providing access to Mirror Lake.


Due to the steep, challenging terrain and limited access for construction equipment, Kapur proposed installing a prefabricated bridge.

This approach was not only an efficient and cost-effective solution for the project, but it also minimized damage to the pristine woodlands in the park.

Services Provided

  • Field survey
  • Structural design
  • Bridge hydraulics
  • Stormwater management

Industries Covered

  • Structural


A 10-foot wide by 155-foot long single-span prefabricated pedestrian bridge was constructed for approximately $300,000, which was substantially less than the amount budgeted for the project.