Southeast Wisconsin Professional Baseball Park District Stormwater (WPDES)

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A little lesson in history and why our state’s waterways are so great…. The Public Trust Doctrine, established by the Wisconsin Constitution over 150 years ago, declares that Wisconsin waterways are public resources. The conceptualization of waterways being “common highways and forever free,” language included in the Constitution, can be traced back to ancient Rome. Section 402 of the Clean Water Act established the National Pollutant Discharge Elimination System (NPDES) Permit program to control discharges of pollutants from point sources and stormwater discharges.

“How does this relate to American Family Field,” you ask? The ballpark grounds have approximately 5,000 lineal feet of water frontage along both sides of the Menomonee River. Because the park grounds’ stormwater discharges to the river, it is permitted under the Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources (WDNR) Wisconsin Pollutant Discharge Elimination System (WPDES).


Since 2008, Kapur has served as a consultant to the Southeast Wisconsin Professional Baseball Park District to help ensure that the permit conditions are met and that the intended uses of the Menomonee River can be restored. The ballpark grounds have some challenges – a substantial portion of the park has been impervious since before the permit was issued, land expansion is not an option along this heavily urbanized corridor, and much of the park was built over contaminated materials.

Services Provided

  • Innovative & effective ideas for public education, outreach, & involvement
  • Provision of SLAMM & P8 analysis
  • Storm sewer system mapping
  • Illicit discharge monitoring & water quality analysis
  • Erosion control & stormwater inspection by certified staff
  • Creation of erosion control & stormwater ordinances
  • Completion of annual reports
  • Stormwater pond certification & bathymetric survey
  • Analysis for additional total suspended solids removal
  • Stormwater green infrastructure planning & engineering
  • Provision of in-house client training
  • Acquiring grant funds to help offset permit compliance


Kapur staff have comprehensive knowledge of the regulations and have worked with project stakeholders including the public and the WDNR to develop practices and strategies to help improve stormwater discharge from American Family Field.

Our engineers and scientists are ahead of the curve in the field of stormwater engineering. We have met with project stakeholders to develop a specialized and cost-effective program for the Southeast Wisconsin Professional Baseball Park District.

About the video

The SEWPBPD has promoted the management of stream banks and shorelines to minimize sedimentation and restore ecological value, particularly along the Menomonee River. Prior to the construction of the ballpark, this reach of the Menomonee River was virtually inaccessible to the public. During construction of the park grounds, improvements were made to the banks of the Menomonee River including creating a gradual slope and removing a sheet-pile wall. The SEWPBPD has also participated in the construction and continued maintenance of the Hank Aaron State Trail, giving further access to the Menomonee River, and has allowed free access to the Menomonee River (free parking is available during non-events at the park).