Zoo Interchange GIS

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The Zoo Interchange was a massive project reconstructing the I-94 and I-41 interchange in Milwaukee and Waukesha Counties in Wisconsin. A project this large required a solid framework for the coordination of activities. This is exactly what the development of our GIS had to provide: a secure browser-based link for WisDOT personnel and consultants to a database containing information to support all investigation, study, and engineering-related activities.

The goal of providing an easily accessible information resource with 24/7 availability was critical for the future of the project. We knew that staff working to finalize the Environmental Impact Statement (EIS), as well as planning, maintenance, design, traffic, survey, utilities, structures, and railroads would all rely on this data at some point.


We began with initial early data gathering tasks such as structure survey reports, as-built drawings, and pavement condition reports to support the Environmental Impact Statement (EIS) and preliminary design once it began. We also continually added information from survey to update mapping, as well as comments from the public. Outreach activities and meetings were recorded in the GIS. Recording the public involvement comments from each meeting and hearing allowed our staff to quickly see trends in opinions and adjust alternatives as necessary within the EIS.

As the EIS effort progressed, we used the site for environmental constraints, hazardous materials investigations, natural resources, publicly protected and owned parcels, and right-of-way. As design moved forward, we began tracking the progress of utility coordination tasks, and the information gathered in the early stages of the project supported activities for preliminary freeway design, roadway design, and structural design tasks.

Services Provided

  • Corridor study
  • Field survey
  • Mapping
  • Public involvement
  • Agency coordination
  • Roadway geometric analysis
  • Development of Arc GIS Database 9.1
  • Local roadway design
  • Freeway design
  • Structural design
  • Right-of-way platting

Industries Covered

  • Survey
  • Transportation
  • Environmental
  • GIS


This assemblage of data allowed us to create intrinsic forms, queries, and reports to track public and stakeholder comments and feedback. Mailing and contact lists were an integral part of the database functionality and were used extensively throughout the project. The site was used for exhibit creation and analysis of public input. When designers had a preferred alternative, the early information gathered was critical to making sound design choices and providing data that allowed efficient decision making throughout the project.